Viper Wipes

Viper Wipes

Waterless Wipes

Viper Wipes are ultra-strong dual textured waterless hand towels that will clean almost anything. Use to remove dirt, grease, oil, grime, tar, mastic, caulking and more! Towels absorb soils leaving your hands clean. These convenient wipe and go towels are used by professional mechanics on the road, on the roof and in the shop. No water rinse is required. Viper Wipes contain Lanolin, Aloe, and Vitamin E for soothing relief on hands covered with nicks, scraps, and minor cuts.

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Part# RT600D

80 towels per bucket

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1. Break seal and uncap lid.
2. Pull towel from the center of the roll through the underside of slotted lid and reseal.
3. Rub hands with towel until all soils are removed. Towel absorbs soils and does not transfer to hands.
4. Hands will dry as fluid evaporates. Moisturizers soften the skin. Rinsing is optional.
5. Discard towel as common solid waste.

Note: Pre-test all surfaces before use. This product may not be suited for contact with certain materials including plastics. Do not use on any item with a protective surface or coating.


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Product Highlights



Fluid will evaporate after being used on hands and surfaces



Portable and convenient for equipment cleanup



Aloe, Lanolin, and Vitamin E moisturize and repair hards


Multi Use

Detection methods certified by an ARI approved laboratory

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