Charging Residential Air Conditioning

Charging Residential Air Conditioning Different types of metering devices have different ways of charging. A Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) is charged to the sub-cooling of the liquid line leaving the condenser. A fixed orifice is charged to the superheat of the...

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Predicting Compressor Failure

Predicting Compressor Failure   Good Housekeeping The most important factor in predicting compressor failure can be found by the cleanliness of the Oil. Virgin oil is clean, nonconductive and the primary insulator against voltage leakage to ground. Equipment...

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Proper HVAC Leak Detection

FINDING LEAKS IS AS EASY AS 1, 2... Do you want to learn all the shortcuts to successful leak detection? Do you know the fastest and easiest method for finding a leak in an HVAC system? It can be accomplished in two simple steps. First, find the “general area” of...

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Oil Additives and The POE Problem

In this episode, Zack and Ralph Interview John about a condition called the POE problem. John has studied oils and refrigerant additives for many years and he shares some of his research and testing on how these additives affect system operation. John shares some...

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The Truth behind Stop Leak Oil additives

In this episode, Zack and Ralph Interview John about the Miracle Stop Leak oil additives. John takes you through the history of stop leak products when they were first introduced in the 1970’s until today. You will learn the real science behind these stop leak...

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The Story of Refrigeration Technologies Part 2

In this episode, Zack and Ralph Interview John in more detail about Refrigeration Technologies including Proper Coil Cleaning techniques. He describes the proper way to pre-rinse the coil with water and then how to create turbulence when applying coil cleaner through...

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The Story of Refrigeration Technologies Part 1

We think it's important that you know who your buying your products from. In this recent interview, John talks about how Refrigeration Technologies was started. From a bench chemist to HVAC technician and back again. Out of frustration with leak detectors, John...

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