The Story of Refrigeration Technologies Part 2


In this episode, Zack and Ralph Interview John in more detail about Refrigeration Technologies including Proper Coil Cleaning techniques. He describes the proper way to pre-rinse the coil with water and then how to create turbulence when applying coil cleaner through a pump type sprayer to maximize cleaning efficiency. John was the first to introduce the popular Foam Gun for cleaning coils back in 1989. He explains the science behind foam application and why it is the best method. John talks about the chemistry behind coil cleaners and how Refrigeration Technologies is able to develop the industry’s most effective Non Toxic line of cleaners. John shares his insight into the future of coil cleaners and why most of the products on the supply house shelf are still based on detergent chemistry from the 80’s and 90’s. John also discusses the development of a heat blocking putty called Wet Rag. He reveals that he was surprised at how well the putty performed when tested against a wet rag. He explains the advantages of using heat blocking putty over a traditional wet rag when brazing.

If you missed Part 1, listen to it here