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Innovate + Engage


Refrigeration Technologies, a family company, was created in 1987 by John Pastorello, a contractor who was tired of using obsolete chemical products. A former chemist turned HVAC/R technician, he fell back on his love of science to invent a brand of proprietary products that would change the way the industry viewed specialty chemicals. This innovative spirit continues to strengthen and advance the HVAC/R industry increasing efficiency, profits, and sustainability.

Adventure + Excitement


Bold and daring attitudes = One of a kind experiences. We strive to be unique and exciting, both in products and personnel. Our brand has an exclusive feel, but is tailored for all. Our products are a gateway to adventure and a promise to deliver excitement.




Imagination + Energy


Staying at the top of your game requires the constant pursuit of improvement and value. We are devoted to being the leading inventor and supplier of nontoxic HVAC/R chemical products. Our brands are created to prolong the life of equipment and the people who maintain it. We are passionate about creating sustainable products and lifelong customer relationships.



Purpose + Science


It’s not an accident, it’s on purpose, and we’ve created it just for you. Our products look, act, and perform a certain way for a reason. There is no guess work in our design. We understand how you think, what you want, and what creates product loyalty.

A Family Company since 1987

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